Marnie (typicalfemale) wrote,

Oh no! It's UNCLE BUCK.

Last night (or shall I say, this morning) I had a dream that I was a little kid and in the movie "Uncle Buck." Does anyone remember "Uncle Buck" with John Candy?

This dream was SO vivid that I actually woke up and in a sleeping pill-induced daze and IMDB'd myself. Yes, I searched for my name in IMDB for God's sake. I guess it made some sort of sense at the time, because I was in a couple of commercials when I was that age and am convinced there is something my mother isn't telling me, as evidenced by the fact that certain things make me laugh uncontrollably, like "bearskin" or "douche." Maybe I was in one of those commercials. I don't know. But I'm rather sad that I wasn't a part of the making of Uncle Buck. No wonder Macaulay Culkin hasn't been returning my calls.
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